What Is Your Cat Telling You?

Aug 13 , 2020

What Is Your Cat Telling You?

If you're a cat owner, you'd probably hear a lot of "meows" at home, Sometimes, loud ones at the dead of the night. Have you noticed how those meows are distinct? If not, from now on you'd be noticing they are different from time to time. If you do, this is what it means.

Cats communicate with other cats and their humans. When your cats meows, more often than not, they actually are communicating with you rather than other cats. When your cat wants to communicate with other cats, they use scent and body language more than 'meows'.

When your cat is stressed, she meows more often than usual. They usually are stressed when they know they're on their way to the vet. They also 'meow' when they're hungry or thirsty. When she wants to go in or out the house, she will let you know with a 'meow'. When they're in heat, you'd hear that booty call. When they're happy they meow.  When they seek for attention, they 'meow'. When you've tried feeding or giving her water, or she just doesn't want to go out yet, that 'meow' may be the call for some TLC from you.

    Here is the 'meow' breakdown:

    • Short Meow - Your cat is saying 'hello'. This is an initial attempt to get your attention.
    • Multiple Short Meows - Your cat is saying 'hello' but in a more excited way. You will notice this when you have been gone long or came back from work. 
    • Mid-pitch Meow - Your cat is asking for something. Either she is hungry or thirsty or both. Basically, she wants something so better be noticing.
    • "Mrrrow" Meow - Your cat is demanding something, such as "let me go out now!" She wants to go prowl or want to go plant.
    • Low Pitch Meow - Your cat is mad at you. Have you checked if the bowl is empty? Did you hide the toys? Have you fed her yet?
    • High Pitch Meow - Your cat is in pain. Better check if she's wounded or something broken, or about to give birth. 

    Knowing how to decipher your cat's meows can help you show how you love her.

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