Decoding Your Dog

Aug 23 , 2020

Decoding Your Dog

Have you ever seen your dog lying down on his back? Did you ever notice those tails sometimes wag high and quick and sometimes low and slow? Your dogs communicate with you through barks and body language. Body language includes tail wagging, showing of teeth and gums, and even smiling! 


Eye Contact

Dogs communicate with their eyes. When your dog makes constant eye contact, it means he is showing his trust and affection towards you. However, when your dog avoids eye contact, it means he is uncomfortable, scared, or cowering after doing something naughty.



When you see your dog smile it means he is in content, and you should be too. When your dog smiles, the muscles in the body are relaxed. He's mouth is open, the tongue is relaxed, and he does look like smiling.


Tail Wagging

A high, quickly wagging tail actually means “Back off”. A high tail wagging shows dominance. The higher the tail, the more dominance is displayed. When your dog is excited, he wags his tail fast. Be concerned, if the tail is moving in a nervous twitch, it is potentially a sign of aggression. A low, slowly wagging tail may mean your dog is communicating with anguish. If the tail is low and moving slowly back and forth, it could mean that your dog is feeling insecure or is ill or distressed.It may also mean he is looking for affection.


Tail posture
In addition to the wagging of your dog’s tail, a dog’s tail can convey a range of other emotions. If his tail is low, it means he is in content and a tucked tail means defeat or scared, thus the saying “tail between your legs”.


Staring at You

Do you know that when your dog looks at you with those puppy eyes, he is not just trying to be adorable, he is also trying to tell you that he is 'the boss' and you giving him a treat for just looking like adorable means you submit. He will also stare at you when you guys are playing, trying to think where you will throw the ball next.


Staring at Space

Your dog is staring at the Angel of Death! No, not really! He is just trying to get a better perception at what is at that space as he may be listening or sniffing in that direction.


If you notice your dog freeze or stop at what he is doing instantaneously, he is uncertain on what to do next. Your dog is always happy to play with you but if he's in the middle of chewing a bone and you look at him and he freezes, he is thinking to himself "I'm chewing this bone but it seems like he wants to play with me, what do I do now?"


Bringing things to you

When he has something in his mouth and he brings it to you, more often than not, he wants to play with you. But sometimes he would bring you random things like a bone, this means he is sharing with you something he owns and showing you affection.

Leaning against you

This might be the easiest and simplest gesture to remember. When your dog leans on you, he just wants to cuddle, or be cuddled by, you. So when you notice this, you know what to do.

Like humans, we communicate with each other to convey out emotions and get what we want. Some of us convey or talk differently, and so does our pups. Observe them and learn that that short jumps may mean he is very excited to play with you.

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