How To Choose The Boots For Your Pets

Aug 14 , 2020

How To Choose The Boots For Your Pets

Depending on where you are or where you plan to go, choosing the correct boots for your pets should not only be stylish but functional. The materials where it is made from is important. If you live where there is snow, you need something that would protect your dog's paws, not only from the bitter cold but also from the salt. If your dog comes with you on your hikes, you want to protect their paws from the trek as well as give them traction as they climb. Or if you just plan to go around the block, something light and easy to wear would do the trick.  Here's how to choose the correct shoes for your pets.

    • Size - "If the shoe fits!" When choosing the correct size of your pet's shoes, bring them along and have it fit. If you can't bring them along, bring a cut-out of your pet's paw. And if you want to order online, measure the tip of the paw to the back of the paw (Pet General Store has a matrix on the sizes, FYI). Make sure you measure at least one front paw and one hind paw. The front and back paws may differ in size in some dogs. Like humans, a shoe that fits comfortably is comfortable.
    • Materials - Choose the correct material for the task. Pets shoes are made of either, or a combination of, plastic, leather, suede, nylon, rubber, or fleece. As we don't use loafers for running, having pet shoes made out of warm, material like fleece, when walking in the snow would help your pet keep up. If you let them wear something thick on a summer stroll, it would be hard for them to walk.
    • Easy to put on - Pet owners who have toddlers know the reason. Pet shoes must be easy to put on and removed. Shoes with double velcro  straps are the most convenient to put in and out of your pet's feet.
    • Design - Different shoes for different occasion. Get a snow pet shoes if you live in the colder areas. Form follows function. Your pets won't like it if their shoes are uncomfortable yet looking like something that would walk the catwalk. 

Though your pets would probably have tough feet, and their paws are cushioned for their walking, it would be a responsible act to let them wear pet shoes whenever you walk them.

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